Socken Zocken

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Snap up the pairs with monster speed! In this game of monstrously quick movements, for once kids can make a complete mess with their socks! Upon "go", children simultaneously look for matching pairs of socks - the first player to match 5 pairs then grabs the sock monster to signal the round is over. This player earns a clothespins for winning the round. The first player to earn 3 clothespins wins! A great matching and memory game for the whole family to play together! 

Includes wooden sock monster
Playfully trains perception, memory, and the ability to react
Easy rules for immediate fun
Suitable for the whole family – everyone plays at once
Recommended for 2 to 6 players, ages 4 and up.
Made in Germany.
Game Duration: 10 minutes
Packaging Dimension: L: 8.6", W: 8.6", H: 1.9"
Material: beech, paper

1 wooden sock monster
13 clothespins
48 socks


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