Expeditions (Ironclad Edition) (Pre Order) (August)

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Sequel to Scythe



designed by Jamey Stegmaier

featuring brand new art by Jakub Rozalski

This competitive, card-driven, engine-building game of exploration features

5 massive, unique mech miniatures.


The sequel to Scythe sends players on a new adventure into Siberia, where a massive meteorite crashed near the Tunguska River, awakening ancient corruption. An expedition led by Dr. Tarkovsky ventures into the taiga to learn about the meteorite and its impact on the land. Itching for adventure, heroes from the war privately fund their own expeditions to Siberia, hoping to find artifacts, overcome challenges, and ultimately achieve glory.

Expeditions is a competitive, card-driven, engine-building game of exploration. Play cards to gain power, guile, and unique worker abilities; move your mech to mysterious locations and gain cards found among the tiles; use workers, items, meteorites, and quests to enhance your mech; and use power and guile to vanquish corruption.


Expeditions Ironclad Edition features 5 large metal mechs (instead of plastic miniatures) and silicon base snaps, as well as an individually numbered box with foil lettering.

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