Altered - Display of 36 Boosters Standard (NOT KS) Edition (Pre Order) (July)

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Standard edition, no the KS edition.


Lead your expeditions Beyond the Gates in this first core set for Altered, a brand new and innovative trading card game.

As one of the Heroes of your Faction, you and your Companion have been sent to discover and bring balance to the nearby regions altered by magical winds. Reunite your Hero and your Companion anywhere on the adventure map to win the game!

Booster displays are ideal to collect Rare and Unique Altered cards or to draft with your friends! A display contains 36 Altered booster packs of 12 cards each. Whether you're looking for new cards to add to your collection or the right card to add to your deck, booster displays are full of surprises. Each booster display is a guarantee to open Unique cards that no one has ever seen before, with one Unique dropping in every 8 booster packs! Don't forget to scan your cards: adding your cards to your digital collection is needed to unlock all of the digital features Altered has to offer.

  • MASSIVE DECK ENHANCEMENT: Elevate your Altered TCG experience with the "Beyond the Gates" Booster Display, containing 36 booster packs, each with 12 cards, including at least 1 card from each faction, ensuring a comprehensive upgrade to your deck.
  • GUARANTEED RARITIES IN EVERY DISPLAY: On average, each display boasts 36 hero cards, 288 common cards, and over 100 rare cards, with 4 or 5 unique cards, offering a wealth of strategic options and deck customization possibilities.
  • DIVE INTO NEW STRATEGIES: With a diverse selection of cards, including heroes, commons, rares, and uniques, this booster display opens up endless possibilities for refining strategies or exploring new playstyles in the Altered universe.
  • BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE DECK: Whether you're looking to dominate in competitive play or enjoy casual games with friends, this booster display provides the tools to craft your ideal deck, tailored to your preferred tactics and strategies.
  • EXPLORE THE ALTERED WORLD: Each card brings you closer to the lore of the Altered universe, where ancient civilizations and mythical creatures collide. Enhance your collection while discovering the rich narrative woven through the game.


  • 36 Booster Packs
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