Front Page Reporter's Notebook

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People frequently asked us to make a Reporter’s Notebook and one person in particular was adamant about it. So we did. Our Summer 2016 “Byline” Edition was apparently exactly what people had hoped for. It was an instant classic, and quickly sold out. Then even more people wrote to ask us to make more Reporter’s Notebooks. So we did. They’re called “Front Page” and are now a permanent part of our line.

For our re-reprinting of “Front Page,” we retained the heavier 130#DTC Neenah “Wrought Iron” stock, but brought back the “Federal Blue” ink. The innards remain bright-white Cougar 70# text paper with light gray college-ruled lines. The Double-O-Binding is still black rather than “Byline’s” silver. It looks and feels great, a nice balance between the original “Byline” and the 2019 “Front Page.”

Named one of New York Times Wirecutter “Best Notebooks of 2023.”“Like other Field Notes notebooks, this reporter pad has a distinctive, charming design that makes you feel like you’re going on an adventure, even when you’re just taking notes at your desk.”

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