Classified! A Solo Journaling RPG

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Classified! is a solo journaling RPG about heists and hijinx. You are an agent tasked with completing capers by acquiring targets for your client.

The objective of this game is for your agent to complete capers and earn promotions.

To complete the caper, your agent performs actions using their stats to resolve card-drawn events that happen while on the assignment. Events might result in your gadgets malfunctioning, an additional target needing to be acquired, a miscommunication with your handler, or any number of other occurrences that could aid or impede your agent’s ability to complete the task at hand. A die roll determines whether your agent’s actions succeed or fail; multiple successes lead to a successful caper.

Along the way, you’ll document every success, failure, and caper in your Debriefing Document. Classified! is meant to be played over multiple sessions, but can be resolved during one long journaling session, if desired.

The game ends when your agent has successfully acquired a number of targets as determined by the difficulty of play, or failed three capers, whichever comes first.

To play Classified!, you’ll need:

  • somewhere to write your Debriefing Document;
  • a standard deck of playing cards (jokers included);
  • a four-sided die (at least four for optimal gameplay)—a set of polyhedral dice is also recommended, but optional; and,
  • a copy of this rulebook for reference and prompts

With this purchase, you'll get:

  • a 24-page rule and reference book with:
    • access to an agent character sheet template on Notion,
    • an agent character sheet,
    • a reference page, and
    • a target tracker.


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