Cascadia: Rolling Rivers

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Cascadia: Rolling is a series of puzzly flip-and-roll-and-write games featuring the habitats and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest! Simultaneously roll dice, collect wildlife, and complete habitat cards to fill in different environments in Cascadia. Use special actions to manipulate your dice, and dynamic completion cards to unlock powerful combos!

There are two versions of Cascadia: Rolling. Each version features the following unique content - get both versions to play 1-8 players on 8 different maps!:

A unique Central Special Die that changes the way each round plays out.

4 unique Environment Sheets, based on a different region of Cascadia, each with its own special gameplay elements.

30 Unique Habitat Cards with breathtaking art by Beth Sobel.

8 Unique Advanced Completion cards for unique ways to combo discounts and bonuses each round!

A unique mini-expansion that introduces completely new gameplay elements like end game scoring bonuses and competitive objectives to ramp up the competition!

Roll your dice, collect wildlife and Nature Tokens, complete Habitat Cards, and fill in the puzzle on your personal Environment Sheet to create the most harmonious ecosystem in Cascadia! Although the core rules are simple, each unique Environment Sheet has its own twist so no two games of Cascadia: Rolling will play out the same!

Cascadia: Rolling Rivers features unique content specific to the riverine environments of Cascadia!

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