Blueprints of Mad King Ludwig

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Blueprints of Mad King Ludwig is an all new game featuring an ever so satisfying flip and sketch mechanic! This full color drawing experience scratches the itch for strategy, creativity, and competition!

If you love Castles of Mad King Ludwig, hearken and take note! Blueprints of Mad King Ludwig brings even more customization to its tile laying sibling. The room completion bonuses allow you to move doors, add secret doors, and even remove doors entirely allowing for a cascading chain of beneficial bonuses. Are you having a hard time envisioning just how a room will fit in your castle? Thanks to the vellum sketch pad, simply slide the room card underneath and you can see exactly how it fits in your grand design!

96 Room Cards
37 Bonus Cards
32 Royal Decree Cards
35 King's Favor Tokens
50 Score Sheets
50 Sketch Sheets
5 Sketch Panels
5 Player Reference Cards
1 Box of 8 Colored Pencils
1 Castle Shaped Eraser
1 Pencil Sharpener
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