Black Bag

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The gala starts at 7:00.
Dinner is served at 8:00.
Your target arrives at 9:00.

You are already inside.

The Multiverse is real and your cadre is the only thing standing between the world we know and the dangerous reaches of other dimensions. In a constantly shifting battlefield, you execute missions by infiltrating compounds, gathering intel, reaching your objectives and then getting the hell out. Your Oracle sits offsite, but stays in constant communication, able to leverage stronger resources to help you get the job done. 

Along the way, you will discover dangerous enemies, uncover dark secrets, and maybe even struggle against yourself. But you have an edge: You’re trained to breach into other dimensions and change things to your advantage. Be careful though; if you change too much,the Multiverse has a way of fixing itself.

Black Bag Features:

Reality-warping powers that let players alter the narrative
Dimensional Glitches that make things weird & complicated
A shared Role, The Oracle, that all players can control
An immersive roleplaying experience powered by Polymorph
A premade mission and the tools to craft your own
Fast and easy character creation

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