Bindlewood Bay: Nephews in Peril (Pre Order)

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Nephews in Peril contains everything you need to expand the world of Brindlewood Bay and to add variety to your campaign. It starts with the Town of Brindlewood Bay, an extensive exploration of the game's setting, including important characters, locations, and historical details. The game also includes new mysteries. There are 6 standard mysteries and 4 Sweeps Week mysteries. Sweeps Week mysteries are inspired by the old American television industry, when the networks would run special stunt episodes of popular shows in order to attract viewers during the all-important ratings bonanza that was "sweeps week." In Brindlewood Bay, a Sweeps Week mystery is one that has a stronger focus on the supernatural, doesn't necessarily involve a murder, and takes place in another part of the world. These mysteries can be used as side stories in your campaign, or as a way of keeping the campaign going after the Midwives are defeated.

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