Battle Map Board Grid & Hex

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Draw your own adventure with this handy fold out double-sided board!

This ready to roll map board is all you need to get the adventure started. Perfect for any tabletop roleplaying game, it features a 1” grid design on one side and 1” hex on the reverse.

The board is 12x12” opening to create a large 24x24” play area, this robust, wipe clean board is the perfect backdrop to any adventure and won’t rip, crease or stain. And the handy folded format makes it easy to store and transport.

Robust & wipe clean! No creases, rips or stains!

Ideal for Game Masters who like to draw their own maps, this board is wet & dry marker compatible, and with its double sided lamination the number of adventures you can map out is limitless!

  • 12x12 inch board (folded for easy storage), folding out to 24x24 inch lay flat battle map.
  • 1 inch grid on one side, 1 inch hex on the reverse
  • Fully wet & Dry marker safe – draw, play then wipe & repeat!
  • Easy to store & transport
  • Robust & stain resistant

We recommend using white board markers, the board is fully wet & dry marker safe and cleans easily with a damp cloth thanks to its laminated surfaces.

So wither you like to pre-draw your maps or draw dungeons mid game, this map board is perfect for any and every game night!

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