Arkham Horror: The Card Game - The Midwinter Gala Scenario Pack (Pre Order)

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It’s the dead of winter, and Arkham’s social elite have arrived in mist-shrouded Kingsport for an exquisite gala hosted by the enigmatic Lantern Club. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before nightmarish creatures crash the festivities, and it falls to you to uncover the Club’s dark schemes before Arkham’s most powerful leaders all meet a terrible fate!

In The Midwinter Gala, one to four investigators ally with a faction of their choice and work together to claim the powerful relic at the center of the Lantern Club’s nefarious plot. The scenario can be played on its own or inserted into any campaign as a side-story, and it can also be played semi-competitively between multiple teams of investigators!

Players only need a copy of the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Revised Core Set to dive into the scenario. 

  • ENGROSSING NEW SCENARIO: Dive into the eerie world of Arkham's social elite with The Midwinter Gala Scenario Pack, where you must thwart nightmarish creatures and uncover dark schemes at a lavish party.
  • CHOOSE YOUR ALLIANCE: Start the game by allying with one of several factions, influencing the unfolding events and the endgame, enhancing replayability with multiple gameplay outcomes.
  • VERSATILE GAMEPLAY: Suitable for 1-4 players, this scenario can be played as a standalone experience or integrated as an exciting side-story in any existing Arkham Horror: The Card Game campaign.
  • EARN THE TOP SCORE: The optional ‘Best Guests’ variant allows 2-5 groups to compete for the highest score, with each group allying with a different faction
  • REQUIRES CORE SET: This is an expansion pack and requires the Arkham Horror: The Card Game core set to play, ensuring you have the necessary components for this immersive scenario.


  • 78 Cards
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