Alhambra Designers Edition

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The Alhambra Designers' Expansion includes 14 expansion modules for Alhambra from popular designers:
Dirk Henn: New Building Grounds & Major Construction Projects
Emanuele Ornella: Palace Staff & Orchards
Klaus-Jürgen Wrede: Travelling Craftsmen & Wishing Well
Marco Ruskowski & Marcel Süßelbeck: Fresh Colors & Palace Designers
Michael Schacht: Alhambra Zoo
Michael Rieneck: Gates without End
Mike Elliott: Buildings of Power
Rüdiger Dorn: Extensions
Stefan Feld: Handymen
In addition, it also includes 3 fan expansions (chosen in a contest by Dirk Henn), for a total of 17 expansion modules.

Requires base game to play.

Ages 8+
2-6 players
45-60 minutes play time
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