Ahoy! Kitten

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In Ahoy! Kitten, you are one of the Cat Pirates of the Open Sea! As a Cat, shiny little coins do not interest you. What you want is Fish!

You want to collect more fish than your opponents through bluffing and cunning. However, it is not that easy because other Cats are eyeing those fish too! To do this, you place a set of Sea tiles side by side on the table, with each tile featuring a varying number of fish. Each player simultaneously places a finger on one of the tiles when signaled. You collect the fish only if you are alone on the tile!

Be careful! You are not done yet after the initial confrontation. Other Cats may still get a chance to steal fish from your ship.

There are 4 kinds of fish in the Open Sea. Collecting the fish as a set will earn you more.

Ages 6+
2-6 players
15-20 minute play time
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