Acid Death Fantasy

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The slate was not wiped clean — it was shattered into countless jagged pieces, splintering a new worlds with the debris of the old.

The second book published for Troika! is a complete setting with a distinct apocalyptic flavour by award winning industry veteran Luke Gearing. A new tone, a new style, and a new book to totally upend your Troika! games. 56 pages, 36 backgrounds, 36 enemies, and a framework to hang them off of.


"Is Luke Gearing too powerful? Perhaps. Luke’s latest book for the Melsonian Art Council is Acid Death Fantasy, and it’s kind of hot."
—Total Party Kill

"You’re in the desert, walking along the sand, when all of a sudden you look down and see a turtle. On its shelled back is a book. Through the heat haze the title comes into focus; ACID DEATH FANTASY."
—Beyond the Weird

"This post-apocalyptic world sits somewhere between Dune, Dark Sun, and Jean-Girard Moebius. So, frankly speaking, Mr. Gearing had me from page 1."
—There Will Be Games

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