9 Lives to Valhalla

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2023 Indie Groundbreaker Awards Honorable Mention


You are a death metal viking cat, guided personally by DEATH, earning your place in the drinking halls of Valhalla by casting a glorious wake of blood and carnage upon the blighted earth in each of your nine lives.

9 Lives to Valhalla is a unique, fast-paced role playing game combining dark animal fantasy with action-packed humor. It’s perfect for high-energy one-shots & shorter campaigns. With quick character creation; rules for generating foes on the fly; a full spate of blessings, treasures, & NPCs to fill the world; and guidance for playing as DEATH itself, 9 Lives to Valhalla has everything needed for a riotous good time.


An original rule set designed for high speed carnage across a post-human landscape, playing as a member of a cat warband or DEATH itself, where every roll of the dice is a life on the line - sometimes even the GM’s! 

All new original art depicting the inhabitants of the Age of Beasts including cat vikings, mouse knights, and leash-worshipping dog sorcerers! 

A full spate of blessings from the Panthera Pantheon for your Cat to earn through glorious death, including Witches Sight, Rustum’s Darting Flame, and Eyes that Burn as Stars! 

Everything you need to make magickal, armored, giant, and tricky foes on the fly, from hummingbird assassins to skeletal dragons. 

Guidance on how to discuss tone, establish boundaries, and adjust situations on the fly to help all players enjoy an evening of outrageous ultra-violence. 

A full pantheon of great cats, a world of strangers and traders, and plenty of treasure to drive your game!
For 2-6 players including GM

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