WizKids 4D Settings: Gas Station

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The Gas Station is the first offering from WizKids in our 4D Settings line to feature a modern setting. The Gas Station provides you with set pieces for a modern gas station. With a variety of cover pieces like the Station Sign, Soda Machine or Ice chest, it`s perfect for wargame set dressing. The gas can, tires or even 55-Gallon Drums serve as great interactive objects for games like Heroclix. The set include: 3x Single 55-Gallon Drums, 2x 55-Gallon Drums Trio, 3x Tire Stack, 2x Tire, Single, 2x Single Gas Pump, 2x Double Gas Pump, 2x Gas Can, 2x Fire Extinguisher, 2x Gas Station Trash Can, 1x Air Pump, 1x Station Sign, 1x Ice Chest, 1x Large Propane Tank, 1x Soda Machine.

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