Wits & Wagers: Vegas

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​The Wits & Wagers Vegas Edition board game adds the excitement of Vegas to the award-winning party game that has sold over one million copies! Gather a large group of friends, 5 or more, and play individually or in teams. One player reads a question out loud, and everyone writes down their answer, but don't worry! Correct answers aren't necessary to win, and ridiculous guesses make it even more fun. After the guesses are revealed, everyone places wager on what they think is closest to the right answer without going over. Just take a shot at it! There are so many ways to wager and win using the real, felt mat. Hit the jackpot? Collect the winnings and use them to wager on the next round. The questions are fun and interesting, and it feels like a different game every time! The Wits & Wagers Vegas Edition game is a hilarious edition to game night!


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