Vault Wars 2nd Edition

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Players will take turns as an Auction Master, leading a cut-throat bidding war to selling off Vaults full of items to the other players.

  • Each Vault provides a unique experience, introducing new ways for the players to bid.
  • No player quite knows everything that's in a Vault, and there's lots of junk to fool your opponents into bidding on.
  • Between auctions, players may sell off their items to gain Gold, or save them for Victory Points -- paying storage fees to keep them around.
  • Collect gems for massive Victory Points, Weapons to gain a pile of Gold, or rare Artifacts to gain powerful abilities.
  • Each player has aspiring hero cards, each giving out bonus victory points for specific items (try to keep them a secret from your opponents).

The player with the most victory points after all the auctions will be the winner!
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