The Scarlet Citadel: A 5th Edition Dungeon of Secrets

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Once a functional fortress and the cradle of wizards, little now remains of the Scarlet Citadel... on the surface. However, the place is known among adventurers and lorekeepers, and well-trod stairs lead down into the depths.

Deep below, dwarven mercenaries once bred their owlbears for war, the sorcerers of the White Forest practiced their forbidden arts, and strange cults from other realms settled into a place where nodes of power draw together. Their treasures and their remains are scattered across the halls and caverns. Those malevolent creatures that remain still spin their shadowy webs, enchant foul magics, and summon forth the dark gods.

This all-dungeon adventure for levels 1 to 10 presents adventuring in the most classic style of all, facing the foul monsters below the earth and seizing lost treasure. Sharpen your ax and ready your wand, and step forward for adventure in the Scarlet Citadel!

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