D&D 5E: Spelljammer: Adventures in Space Alt Cover (3 Book Set)

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The contents of the Spelljammer: Adventures in Space collection will include:

  • Astral Adventurer’s Guide will give players and Dungeon Masters everything they need to use the Astral Plane as a campaign setting. This includes backgrounds and races for player characters, spells, magic items, information on spelljamming ships, and more!
  • Boo’s Astral Menagerie provides Dungeon Masters a bestiary of over 60 spelljamming friends and foes, including space clowns, “vampirates,” murder comets, giant space hamsters, solar and lunar dragons, and much more!
  • Light of Xaryxis contains an adventure designed for characters of levels 5–8 that will allow Dungeon Masters to take their players into the realm of the Astral Plane and beyond!


What is Spelljammer?

Spelljammer is a setting that has garnered a lot of hype over the years. It was initially introduced as a campaign setting in the second edition of D&D, where it got a name for itself as a fun, quirky, and downright bizarre sci-fi/fantasy crossover.

There hasn’t been any official content released for the Spelljammer setting in the third and fourth editions of D&D, so this announcement is huge because it means that the current generation of D&D players will get to take their adventures into the beloved realm of Wildspace.

One of the biggest draws for Spelljammer is its unique and accessible take on interstellar travel. Adventurers seeking treasures and glory in Wildspace use “spelljamming” vessels—which closely resemble nautical ships—to set sail out of their planet’s atmosphere and across the Astral Sea. This open-air approach is certainly an interesting take on spacefaring vehicles but allows for magnificent views, interesting mechanics, and the potential for swashbuckling battles against space pirates. 

Speaking of space pirates, Spelljammer is also known for its colorful cast of creatures that you’ll meet in your adventures across the cosmos. We’ve seen a number of these creatures teased in the upcoming Spelljammer: Adventures in Space collection, like the giant space hamsters.

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