MTG: New Capenna Pre Release Pack

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  • Five New Capenna Draft booster packs
  • One SNC Family booster prerelease pack
  • One foil-stamped card from SNC with a rarity of Rare or higher
  • One deck box
  • One spindown life counter

The format for the MTG Streets of New Capenna prerelease events is Limited Sealed. Within the set are mana fixers, fetch lands, and dual-colored tap lands to help players run three-color builds. The SNC family booster pack will contain cards that support each family’s three-color theme. Players can choose to stick with three colors, build a two-color deck instead, or go all-in with a five-color build. 

Each of the five crime families within SNC has a three-color representation and its own mechanic

  • Maestros: Grixis colors in Blue, Black, and Red. The Maestros mechanic is Casualty, copying Instant and Sorcery spells upon sacrificing a creature.
  • Brokers: Bant colors in Green, White, and Blue. The Brokers mechanic is Shield Counters, providing protection in a build that thrives on control. 
  • Obscura: Esper colors in White, Blue, and Black. The Obscura mechanic is Connive, providing card advantage and +1/+1 counters.
  • Riveteers: Jund colors in Black, Red, and Green. The Riveteers mechanic is Blitz, giving creatures Haste at an alternative casting cost in builds that play aggressively. 
  • Cabaretti: Naya colors in Red, Green, and White. The Cabaretti mechanic is Alliance, providing various effects when creatures enter the battlefield, supporting creature-heavy builds with go-wide synergies. 

Sealed builds have a minimum of 40 cards in a deck, with around 17 lands. Players may consider running 18 lands at the SNC prerelease events if running three or more colors in a build. A match is played in a best-of-three format, allowing players to change cards in between games. Rewards for participating at an MTG New Capenna prerelease event will include SNC booster and promo packs. 

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