Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus

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Kyria Draxus is a Radical Ordo Xenos Lord Inquisitor, who is one of the Imperium's premier Necron hunters.

She is considered a Heretic by some of her peers due to Draxus' use of Xenos technology, such as the Eldar shuriken catapult she wields in battle. The Inquisitor Lord is also aided by her faithful Wyvachs familiar Shang. They possess a deep psychic bond, and it is said that Draxus can see through the eyes of the winged creature. During the Psychic Awakening, the Inquisitor Lord allied with the heretical Battle Sister Ephrael Stern and the Harlequin Kyganil, to combat a rising Necron threat against the Imperium.

| Vernon

Great model with good rules. Kind of a more ranged variant of the inquistors set that still has some psychic ability. Assembly is easy except for the dragon, who absolutely needs to be built according to the instructions

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