Designers and Dragons: The 00's

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ENnie Award 2015 for Best RPG Related Product - Gold Winner
ENnie Award 2015 nominee for Product of the Year and Best Writing
Diana Jones Award 2015 nominee for excellence in gaming.

Everything you’ve wanted to know about the origins of roleplaying games…

Designers & Dragons: The ‘00s is a comprehensive picture of the new resurgence of the RPG industry. This 2nd edition expands the original single book into a series of four–beginning with the ’70s and ending with the ’00s–and we’ve added over tens of thousands of new words to this final and most updated volume. Take an inside look at d20 companies, watch the growth of new titans like Paizo Publishing, and learn about the growth of indie presses like Evil Hat Productions. Regardless of your gaming background, Shannon Appelcline’s meticulously researched history won’t disappoint.

In this volume, you’ll find:

A foreword by Lisa Stevens, founder of Paizo Publishing
Profiles for 25 2000s gaming companies including Paizo Publishing, Green Ronin, Mongoose Publishing, and yes—Evil Hat
The inside scoop behind games like Pathfinder, Freeport, and Gumshoe
Ten things you might not know about roleplaying in the ‘00s
An extensive bibliography and index
Meet the characters behind the characters and the gamers behind the games in Designers & Dragons: The ‘00s!
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