Vox Machina d20 Dice Set

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Celebrate the legendary heroes of Tal'Dorei, Vox Machina, with this d20 set based on the first campaign of Critical Role.


  • Set of eight standard 20-sided resin dice
  • Dice set arrives in a purple velvet drawstring bag with a gold Vox Machina crest

Character Dice Details:

  • Vex (played by Laura Bailey): Deep teal and white marbling, gold numbering, with arrows crossed over a bear paw icon on the 20-side
  • Vax (played by Liam O’Brien): Light and dark gray marbling, red numbering, with a crossed dagger icon on the 20-side
  • Keyleth (played by Marisha Ray): Clear with powder blue clouded swirl, green numbering, with antler icon on the 20-side
  • Percy (played by Taliesin Jaffe): Clear with pink clouded swirl, white numbering, with a Whitestone sun icon on the 20-side
  • Grog (played by Travis Willingham): Half red, half black, silver numbering, with tankard icon on the 20-side
  • Pike (played by Ashley Johnson): Pearlescent white, gold numbering, with a mace icon on the 20-side
  • Scanlan (played by Sam Riegel): Pink glitter filling, purple numbering, with musical note icons on the 20-side
  • Game Master Matthew Mercer: Pearlescent deep blue, gold numbering, with tome icon on the 20-side

This is an official Critical Role product.

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