Connecting Flights: Deluxe Edition (Kickstarter, January)

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Connecting Flights is a thematic and puzzly, medium weight airline management board game. Your task is to grow your airline by purchasing airports and planes to build a worldwide flight network. The game can be played competitively (2-5 players) or in a solo/cooperative mode (1-3 players) in 60-150 mins. The competitive mode features engine building, hand management, auctions and fierce competition for resources. The cooperative mode is a challenging puzzle, requiring you to work together as a team to purchase assets and transport passengers to their destinations (mechanics: pick up and delivery, hand management, engine & network building).

Connecting Flights features a novel route building system, in which you create flights by chaining individual cards (airport, plane and passengers). You can use your airport, plane and passenger cards, to create different flights in each round of the game, switching them up to minimize your fuel costs while keeping your passengers happy.

 What makes Connecting Flights fun to play? 

  • Asymmetric player abilities drive your strategy, ensuring great replayability.
  • High player interaction through auctions, sabotages, trading and negotiation.
  • Thematic events - watch out for the Pandemic, Snakes on the Plane, or Snakes on the Plane in the middle of the Pandemic!
  • Arranging your flights to minimize fuel costs is a mini-puzzle to solve each time you add a new passenger, plane, or airport. The puzzle gets more challenging with each additional card you get.
  • Satisfying combos - will you manage to create a round-the-world flight by chaining 19 cards together?
  • Dedicated solo/2 player mode which offers a different experience (featuring pick-up and delivery mechanic), sure to keep your brain working with customizable difficulty levels.
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