Cats of Catthulhu, Book II: Cat Herder's Guide

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The massive second volume of Cats of Catthulhu weighs in at 128 pages of indispensible cosmic wisdom for the aspiring Cat Herder. With this tome and a copy of the Book 1: The Nekonomikon, you are set for unlimited adventure exploring the Catthulhu universe! Contents include:

*The secret history of the world
*The Gods and their Cults
*Ritual magic: Invocations, Ceremonies, and world-shaking Major Rituals
*Monstrous Foes
*How to write your own Catventures
*Tricks of the Trade & Rules of Claw: Secrets to fun and easy game mastering
*The Book of the Two-Foots: What cats know about 23 types of human beings, big and small, friendly and not so nice
*The Book of Dogs: Play as the cats’ main rivals!
*"The Buzz Downstairs" introductory catventure

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