Broken Cities

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BROKEN CITIES is a diceless, GMless role playing game in which players take the role of Travelers coming to a City with adventurous goals in mind, while the City wants to convince them to go through the sacrifice needed to fix it. Its base version requires 2 to 5 players (though the game also includes a solo variant), for one-shots of 3-4 hours requiring very little preparation.

You'll like this game if you enjoy surrealism and weird adventures, asymmetrical roles and urban exploration.

BROKEN CITIES features a complete game system plus everything you need to create and play adventures within its 88 pages:

Diceless, card-based game mechanics: it's always up to the players to decide whether they succeed at a cost or fail
A step-by-step guide to create the City and its odd atmosphere, as well as the quirky Travelers visiting it
Asymetrical roles: the City (controlled by 1 to 5 players) describes its streets and give the Travelers (played by 1 to 5 players) hard choices to react to
Dozens of examples to help you come up with ideas of NPCs and places on the spot
Variant rules to play the game solo
And more!
The game features a clear and efficient layout by Nicolas Folliot (who did the layout for Meanwhile, in the Subway and Two Summers) and a gorgeous cover by Laurent Rivelaygue.

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